Three Californian teams and the Miami Heat will play in a three-day tournament at the Chase Center in San Francisco. As the 2022-23 NBA season is closing in and the free agency is going to start soon, the teams have to start looking for what they are missing.

For example, the current NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors might still be celebrating, but James Wiseman, Kevon Looney and their new recruit Patrick Baldwin Jr. want to play for the Dubs. Whereas the Lakers' fan base might see again Anthony Davis in this tournament alongside Max Christie, their pick of the 2022 NBA Draft.

As for the Sacramento Kings, they will present their fourth draft pick Keegan Murray at the Chase Center and Nikola Jovic will make his debut with a Miami Heat jersey to bring in the European style once again to the Miami Franchise. If you want to be part of it, check out how to buy tickets and how much costs. 

How much does a ticket for a 2022 California Classic Summer League game costs?

The official ticket supplier, Ticketmaster released the tickets for the 2022 California Classic Summer League tournament at the Chase Center. This tournament will be held on July 2, 3, and 5. This year’s summer league tournament will feature the Golden State Warriors, the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. They arranged to sell a standard admission ticket that costs $35 dollars per person. Although, the first four-row tickets costs between $100 and $400 per ticket.

For this tournament, the Chase Center stated there will be a double-header for each date at 5pm and 7:30pm. Day 1 will feature Los Angeles Lakers go against Miami Heat, afterwards Sacramento Kings will go against Golden State Warriors. Day 2 features a Heat vs Kings matchup, then a Lakers vs Warriors game. For Day 3, Warriors will play against the Heat, while Lakers will go against Kings.