The Golden State Warriors want to play in the 2023 postseason and they still have time to reach that stage if they manage to maintain a good record until the end of regular season on April 9.

So far the Warriors are 28-26 after a 141-114 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in what was a display of ruthless offensive power.

Klay Thompson is doing everything he can to cover Steph Curry's absence, and Thompson has the second-highest PPG average among the Warriors at 20.8 points per game.

Did Klay Thompson break the most 3-pointers in a game in 2023?

No, Klay Thompson didn't break the most three pointers in a game record, he scored 12 of 16 threes during the 141-114 win against OKC. On the other hand, Thompson is the owner of the record with 14 three-pointers scored on October 29, 2018 against the Chicago Bulls.

Thompson is ninth among the Warriors' players with the best three-pointer percentages at 39.1%, but he is second on the list of Warriors' players with the most 3-pointer attempts per game with an average of 10.2.

Steph Curry is injured and that is a weak point for the Warriors, they need him, besides Curry another injured player is Andre Iguodala who has been recovering since January from a hip injury.