LeBron James keeps demonstrating his level with the Los Angeles Lakers. Exactly one week ago he turned 36 years old and that doesn’t seem to mean anything to the King or his body, as he’s just playing at the highest level. 

James has led the Lakers to have the best record in the Western Conference and he’s done in a great way. More recently, he showed his level against Memphis Grizzlies, scoring the Lakers’ last points to win the game and get their 6th win of the season. 

LeBron picked things right where he left them last season and he keeps delivering for his team and everybody is in awe of him. Even Anthony Davis couldn’t help but praise the player, reminding everybody that this man is not normal and he will continue ruling the NBA as long as he can. 

Anthony Davis isn’t surprised by LeBron James’ high level in year 18

After the Lakers earned a 94-92 win over the Grizzlies, AD talked about his teammate, praising him for his level but making it clear that he’s not surprised by LeBron’s good moment in the league. 

"It's not surprising at all. ... It's crazy to see that in his 18th year, but the numbers he's putting up is not surprising. ... It's just a testament to the type of player that he is. He puts in the work..."

LeBron is 36 and playing in his 18th NBA season and he keeps playing like he’s in his mid-20s. The King is ready to continue his domination with the Lakers and Davis is the perfect partner to take the team to the promised land for the second straight season. 

James is on another level and nobody knows when he will start slowing down. The only certain thing now is that the King is ready to keep things this way and add as much silverware as he can before calling it a career.