NBA fans are often engaged in futile, controversial, yet entertaining debates. For example, who's the greatest shooter of all time? Who's the best player ever?Who's the biggest bust in NBA Draft history? Or even who's got the worst hairline in the league?

That's just common nature in sports. We feel a necessity to compare and make a case for any given player, even though, most of the time there isn't an objective way of telling who's actually better.

Notably, that was the case in Draymond Green's latest edition of his podcast, as the Warriors star stated that Carmelo Anthony is a better scorer than Kevin Durant and explained his take with an anecdote.

NBA News: Draymond Green Says Carmelo Anthony Is A Better Scorer Than Kevin Durant

"I'm going to go with Melo," Green said. "The reason I'm going to go with Melo is actually this. We were playing against him at the Garden, it had to be my first or second year in the league. And Melo caught the ball in the post, he faced up on me, put his shoulder to my chest, I may have fouled him a little bit maybe not, and he went through my chest and I got the stop (as) he missed. I may be fouled him, maybe not. He turned around to the referee 'Call the f****n foul', we go back down the court (and) we come back down, he did the exact same move the next play and made the referee call the foul."

"And the reason why that is such a big deal to me is because as a scorer you go into slumps, you have bad shooting nights and the one thing that breaks scorer's slumps can be a free throw and just knowing that Melo can get to the free throw line like that, that's why I am gonna pick Melo," Green added. "But man that's a pick 'em for real. Can you go wrong with either one? I don't think so."

Most fans will scratch their head at this take, but prime Melo was one of the most dominant scorers in the league. Then again, that's just one man's opinion, and as such, it should be taken with a grain of salt.