The Philadelphia 76ers have a tough situation in their hands right now. Ben Simmons doesn't want to play there, they may don't want him there either, but there's not a team in the NBA that's willing to meet their asking price for him.

Simmons' trade value hit rock bottom recently. Not only was he exposed in the playoffs but also, the reports of his trade demands have made teams even more hesitant to give up multiple assets for him.

It's not that he's not worthy of a huge trade package, but why would a team risk that much for a player that's threatening not to show up to training camp? That's why Sixers legend Charles Barkley didn't mince his words when talking about him.

Charles Barkley Goes At Ben Simmons Over His Alleged Desire To Leave

“So let me get this straight. We liked you enough to give you $200 million. The only thing we ask is you is be a good basketball player. We’re just saying ‘shoot the ball’ and he’s mad and wants to leave town? This is total B.S," Barkley started.

In his typical fashion, the Hall of Famer went on by saying that he attended the annual Sixers' dinner and what he told the league executives that joined him regarding Simmons' current situation.

“We had a couple of GMs there. I said hey, ‘I will call Ben Simmons’. If you wanna be traded, that’s fine. We’re not giving you away. We’re not going to trade you to where you want to be traded.  We’re not taking 25 cents on the dollar. I’ve heard all these fools talking about who got leverage. No, we got leverage cause we have to pay you. If we don’t get the deal we want, you’re going to be playing right here in Philadelphia. The only thing we asked you to do is shoot the damn basketball. And now you’re mad cause we’re telling you, ‘you gotta shoot the basketball’. I’m not having that," Barkley concluded.


While Barkley may not be the smoothest talker, he's got a valid point right there. The truth is that the player is nothing but an employee of the organization. If you don't want to be there, you better take your trade value up. If not, then you'll have a job to do.

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