After Tom Brady captured his 7th Super Bowl last Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, dominating Patrick Mahomes and co., everybody started talking about his greatness but taking it out of the NFL and naming him the greatest athlete to ever live. 

TB12 has been great and even though his real dominance started late in his career, the player is widely considered the greatest quarterback in history. After beating the man who a lot of people thought was going to take his GOAT status, the 43-year-old was brought to different grounds and now people are comparing him to Michael Jordan

The Chicago Bulls legend won six NBA championships during his career, becoming the Finals MVP on each occasion, cementing his legend as the greatest basketball player ever and one of the greatest athletes in American professional sports. However, more people have been siding with Brady on this one, including one former MJ’s friend. 

Charles Barkley says Tom Brady has surpassed Michael Jordan as the ultimate GOAT 

Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers legend Charles Barkley recently talked about this topic, which includes one of his former friends, Michael Jordan. The big man claimed that given the competition Brady and had the fact that if he lost in the playoffs, he didn’t have another chance to compete until the next season, the 7x NFL champion has surpassed MJ as the GOAT. 

“Michael was always going to be the best player four out of seven games. But the difference is, every time Tom Brady played a football game, it was a game seven… Every football game in the playoffs is a game seven. Michael is going to be the best player four out of seven games, but when you play football, every game is a game seven.”

Even though Jordan never played a Game 7 in the Finals, he went to those in prior rounds, losing, sometimes winning. But, Brady is different. Ever since the wildcard round, he had to win and keep winning until he landed in the Super Bowl. 

He played in 10 of these games and only lost three times. That tells you a lot about his quality and how hard it is to beat him in the championship game. At the end of the day, this comes to a personal decision; you have Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Muhammad Ali, and a couple of more athletes in the mix, but for Barkley, Brady has done enough to take that spot from Jordan as the team sports GOAT.