The 2022 NBA Conference Finals are close to an end, the Celtics will have to play a seventh game against the Miami Heat to define that series. So far there are no favorites but the Celtics came close to ending it all in six games.

Getting off the Finals subject  let's talk about hairlines, Jimmy Butler has one of the top ten best hairlines in the NBA right now on par with Kyrie Irving, Lonzo Ball and Jayson Tatum. That means that they do not suffer from baldness.

But who has the worst hairlines in the NBA, that is the question, some think it is LeBron James, but he just has a small baldness issue that is not important and he stopped wearing his famous headband a long time ago.

Who have the worst hairline in the NBA?

Derrick White probably has the worst hairline in the NBA according to what some redditors commented after the game between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics in what was game six where Jimmy Butler scored 47 points.

But not everyone agreed, as VeniceRapture said “Kyle Anderson is the same or worse”, to which Cyborg Krieger added “...And they were both on the Spurs at the same time too. Is there something in San Antonio's water?...”.