It's safe to say that Kendrick Perkins isn't exactly the most reliable source of news and rumors when it comes to the NBA. Then again, he's been right about a couple of things when people mocked him at first and he was the very first to report said news.

This time, however, it seems like the former NBA champion has taken it too far, and his admiration for LeBron James has completely blinded his senses. There's no other explanation for him to fire such a hot take.

While attending ESPN's The Jump, Perkins went as far as to say that you couldn't rule out the possibility of Stephen Curry signing with the Los Angeles Lakers when his contract runs out unless the Golden State Warriors make some big moves right now.

Kendrick Says That Stephen Curry Could Sign With The Los Angeles Lakers

Maybe they could trade Andrew Wiggins and get back Victor Oladipo to show Steph they’re going to surround him and – they’re going to get better not just for this year but for next year so that he can’t sign his contract this offseason season. You can’t lock him in because, with Steph not signing his contract extension – yes, I get it – he’s gonna get more money but there’s no guarantee. And we saw all the joy we saw the laughter in the All-Star Game between him and LeBron James. Fist-bumping and high-fiving. Hey, look. I’m telling you, I’m just saying. Anything can happen when it comes to the NBA,” Perk said, while Paul Pierce simply laughed.

This has to be Perkins' worst take of all time. He's been trying to tie every single star with the Lakers for some time and advocating for LeBron James to get more recognition day in and day out.

I mean, Curry's deal will run out at the end of the 2021-22 campaign but there's simply no reason to think that he won't finish his career at the Bay, let alone team up with the biggest rival he's had and stain his legacy that way. This time, you're way off, Perk.