Jimmy Butler and Grant Williams are the hottest topic in the NBA playoffs. Their exchange of words came in the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.

Grant Williams scored a three-pointer to give the Celtics a 96-87 advantage with six minutes remaining and talked in the face of Jimmy Butler. He answered with a tremendous shot while being fouled. A 3-point play.

Both got into a heated exchange of words which ended with a technical foul for both players. Jimmy Butler said this of the Boston Celtics while celebrating on the court: “They thought he was the answer. Come on! That’s your answer to the Jimmy Butler problem? That’s the answer? That’s the answer to the problem?”

Grant Williams sends a warning to Jimmy Butler

During the post-game press conference, Jimmy Butler stayed on the same line when a reporter asked him: “So, Jimmy, Grant wasn’t the answer. Was he?” The star from the Heat just said: “Hell, no. He wasn’t“.

Now, Grant Williams has answered prior to Game 3 which will be played on Sunday at Miami with Heat leading the series 2-0. “Jimmy got the best of me tonight, and at the end of the day, it’s out of respect. I’m not going to run away from it.”

Furthermore, Williams said he’s not going to give up against Jimmy Butler. “My mom always taught me…you don’t come back home until you come battle again. You either come back before you die or you come back and get a win. I’m not willing to die in the finals. I’m ready to get a win. I’m ready to come back and come into Game 3 with a better mentality.”