On an unsurprising note, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has once again turned to Phil Jackson for advice. Apparently, the legendary coach has a big input in all the decisions made by the organization.

Jackson's ties with Buss are obvious. Besides being a former Lakers coach, they were engaged until 2016. Also, Jackson holds a close relationship with Kurt and Linda Rambis, both of whom also have great influence on Buss.

But as great as a coach as Jackson was, his work with the New York Knicks front office was nothing short of a disaster. That's why multiple analysts believe the Lakers shouldn't seek advice from him when it comes to finding a new coach.

J.J. Redick Rips The Lakers For Seeking Phil Jackson's Advice

Former NBA player J.J. Redick wasn't surprised to hear about Jackson's input in the Lakers' coaching search. Per the sharpshooter, it's just the Lakers doing what they've been doing for years now:

“The idea that they’re going to bring in Phil Jackson to help with the coaching search, given his record as an executive in New York, and with the hires he made – again it’s a pattern of behavior,” Redick said. “It fits in their pattern of behavior. Other teams are not going to fall susceptible to that.”

Stephen A. Smith Says Lakers Are 'The Biggest Idiots' If They Listen To Phil Jackson

Stephen A. Smith was way blunter than his colleague. The controversial pundit put the Lakers on blast and reminded them of the disaster Jackson left after his brief, yet infamous tenure with the Knicks:

“If they were looking for a new general manager or a new president of basketball operations, I would call the Los Angeles Lakers franchise the biggest idiots on the planet,Smith said. “Because Phil Jackson should never be allowed to be an executive again. A matter of fact, I’m still so salty about the job he did in New York. I’d prefer that he’d be banned from New York. I don’t think he should be allowed in the state. That’s how bad of a job he did.”

Some Inside The Lakers Organization Aren't Happy About Jackson's Influence

Needless to say, not everyone is happy to hear that the Zen Master is pulling the strings behind closed doors. Per Sam Amick of The Athletic, some within the organization don't like how Buss handles these situations:

"Make no mistake, there are powerful people close to the Lakers who aren’t thrilled with the reality that Jackson’s voice is being taken into account when he has no formal position with the franchise," Amick reported.

"Like it or not, though, Buss has relied on this sort of informal counsel from people she trusts for years now," Amick added. "That was the case with Kobe Bryant before his passing and had everything to do with the choice to hire his former agent, Lakers vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka, in February 2017."

At the end of the day, Buss will continue to run the team the way she feels it's better, and Jackson will continue to have leverage there. Hopefully, it'll turn out for the best for the purple and gold.