Kyrie Irving is back at it with the Brooklyn Nets, showing the worst part of his personality once again. Irving has made the headlines since last week when he decided to miss a series of games due to “personal reasons,” which sparked debates and speculations around the league. 

The Brooklyn Nets point guard was reportedly “off the grid” after he decided to miss games for unknown reasons. A couple of hours later, he was spotted partying, supposedly celebrating his sister and father’s birthdays. 

It was initially believed he was in Canada but those reports were dismissed. Still, Kyrie attended a party when several people were maskless, breaking one of the biggest rules in the NBA at this very moment. 

NBA fans react to Kyrie Irving video partying at unclosed location 

More and more videos surfaced showing Kyrie partying with his sister and father at an unclosed location, which raised plenty of reactions around the league, with fans creating a lot of memes and calling out Kyrie for his recent behavior. 


The NBA announced Kyrie Irving is under investigation after his recent videos 

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the league is now investigating Kyrie and his video, which sparked more bad comments towards Irving and his behavior. The league is working to keep everybody safe and these incidents aren’t good for anybody. 


Kyrie has been one of the most controversial figures in the NBA for quite some time now and he’s not changing that, apparently. He needs to be clear about his real intentions and say what he really wants to do. 

He’s not reaching out to the team’s front office and that is creating a lot of problems for him, his teammates and the team.