Kyrie Irving has been missing for over a week now after he decided he won’t be participating in games with Brooklyn Nets. It was initially because of “personal reasons” but recent developments have revealed what could have led Kyrie to make that decision. 

He’s been involved in several controversies recently, hurting his image with the fans (more) and the Nets, who aren’t happy with Kyrie after a couple of videos surfaced showing Irving and his family partying at an undisclosed location

With James Harden arriving in Brooklyn, people have started to wonder when Kyrie is coming back to action and the Nets GM might have the answer the entire NBA community wants to hear. 

Sean Marks says Kyrie is returning “soon” after James Harden trade 

In recent hours, reports surfaced suggesting Kyrie could sit out this season, but that’s not absolutely true. ESPN’s Malika Andrews reported that Nets general manager Sean Marks spoke with Kyrie and the player is “excited” to join the team. 

“Sean Marks said that signing James Harden wasn't directly related to Kyrie Irving's absence. 

Marks said that he has spoken to Irving and the guard is "excited" to get back on the court, but Marks reiterates the timeline will be impacted by the NBA's investigation.”

Kyrie Irving is returning on Saturday under one condition 

After the James Harden trade was oficialized, the Brooklyn Nets, and the rest of the NBA, were expecting to see when Kyrie was going to return to action. Just like Sean Marks said, his return is closer than we think and according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, as long as he keeps testing negative, Kyrie could be making his return to the court this Saturday. 

Moreover, he will forfeit over $800K for the past two games he missed. This all comes after his videos and pics partying surfaced, something that led the league to start an investigation on the player's whereabouts in the last couple of days. 

That's great news for the Nets and their fans, who can't wait to see how Kyrie, James Harden and Kevin Durant will perform together on the court. This team have even more expectations now and everybody is placing their attention on them.