It's not a secret that LeBron James is one of the wealthiest athletes in the history of major sports. Besides making a fortune in the NBA, he's been quite the smart businessman outside of the hardwood.

Recently, LeBron made the headlines for his investment with Maverick Carter on the Boston Red Sox. Despite being a lifelong New York Yankees fan, James is where the money is, as you may know by now.

LeBron is worth over a billion dollars and most of that money comes from endorsements and investments, not from his actual salary as an NBA player. The most impressive thing about this is that he has the Midas' touch, as he's had a solid eye for identifying massive value in risky investments.

And while his portfolio includes multiple undisclosed investments, here are some of the most lucrative he's done thus far and why he's considered one of the ultimate athlete businessmen ever:

LeBron James' Investment Portfolio Is Nuts

+ Boston Red Sox

+ Liverpool FC

+ Blaze Pizza 

+ The Springhill Company

+ Ladder

+ Beats by Dre

There's no such thing as a 'sure' investment but it seems like LeBron James has made a couple of those. He's doubled and tripled his earnings from Beats and Liverpool FC, as well as Blaze Pizza, the startup he left McDonald's for.

James recently claimed that he intends to own an NBA franchise in the future and it's clear that he has the money and the support to pull that off, so he's not going to go away from the league any time soon.

But perhaps the most important part about James' wealth is the fact that he continues to use his fortune to reach out and help unprivileged communities and minorities with the I Promise school and More Than A Vote.