Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, like the rest of the world, has celebrated the 58th birthday of the widely-considered greatest NBA player of all time, Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls legend is nearing 60 years and he’s probably celebrating in the best way. 

Every basketball and sports fan in the world has celebrated Jordan and all the good things he did during his career, including Buss, who happens to be a business partner of MJ in their Cincoro Tequila company. 

The woman took to Twitter to wish a happy birthday to His Airness, choosing a very interesting message to describe how Jordan ages like wine. They have developed a very good relationship and Jeanie and took advantage of that to send a big congratulations to the 6x NBA champion. 

Jeanie Buss calls Michael Jordan a ‘hottie’ in birthday message 

Earlier today, Jeanie shared a message for Jordan, her partner, making it clear that the former NBA player is looking better with the years with a picture of all the owners involved in the Cincoro company.

“Happy Birthday to my co-founder of Cincoro Tequila, Michael Jordan!! How do you keep getting hotter?? @Cincoro,” Buss wrote on her personal Twitter account. 

MJ doesn’t have any presence on social media and when he decides to give a message to fans, he uses the Charlotte Hornets’ accounts to do so. Perhaps somebody will show him Jeanie’s message or she already texted him to wish him a big day. 

He’s been retired for 18 years now and Jordan’s name is still one of the most famous in the world not only in the NBA but the rest of sports around the globe. This man left a huge mark on the game and that will be hard to erase. Whenever his name shows up, you know you talk about greatness and Jordan won’t ever be forgotten, even if he doesn’t send tweets like other legends like Magic Johnson and Bill Russell.