Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry stirred the pot when he called himself the greatest point guard in NBA history. He put himself right by Magic Johnson as the best to ever do it.

That fueled a big debate on social media, up to the point where even Michael Jordan reportedly reached out to Stephen A. Smith to share his thoughts on the matter.

That’s why, after weeks of watching the debate unfold, the Los Angeles Lakers legend finally made a case for himself, and it was ruthless. In an interview, Magic flexed his résumé to put an end to this debate.

Magic Johnson Flexes Résumé To End GOAT PG Debate With Stephen Curry

“If he got more than five championships. If he got more than three Finals MVPs and three league MVPs, then he’s the greatest,” Johnson said. “If he’s got more number one in assists all-time in the Finals, number two in double-doubles, number one in triple-doubles all-time in the NBA playoffs, number four in steals all-time in the playoffs.”

“If he’s got more than those numbers, he’s the best,” he continued.I’m just saying if he’s got more than all those things then he’s the best, but the last time I checked, he doesn’t. But everyone has to decide for themselves who the best is.”

Yikes! That’s gotta hurt, Steph. But Magic does have the edge in both accolades and individual numbers, especially in the so-called point guard stats, so he’s got a point.

Even so, we’re talking about two different players with different styles who played in different eras and under a different set of rules. So, once again, this could be a futile debate.