One of the most special dates in the NBA Schedule is for sure the Christmas Day. Not only because the eggnog, the presents or the turkey. Its because the National Basketball Association sets up big-time matchups to watch along at home in this special holiday. 

Many rivalries in the NBA may have started on Christmas Day, as crazy as its sounds. Or those rivalries grew even more after a game on December 25th. For example, when Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers faced off Shaquille O'Neal with the Miami Heat, just after O'Neal requested a trade.

Another example could be when LeBron James with the Cleveland Cavaliers won over Stephen Curry with the Golden State Warriors. Either way, this Christmas Day matchups have a special gift just for the NBA fans. Check out which team has played the most on December 25th.

Which NBA team has most games played on Christmas Day?

According to the specialized site StatMuse, the New York Knicks have played 54 games on December 25th throughout their history. Followed by the Los Angeles Lakers, who have played 48 games on Christmas Day. The podium is completed by the Boston Celtics with 35 games played on the most special day in the NBA schedule

Rounding the list out, the Philadelphia 76ers have played 32 games, and the Golden State Warrrios have performed 31 times on December 25th. In fact, last season's Christmas Day games were featured by a Dallas Mavericks-Utah Jazz matchup, another Brooklyn Nets-LosAngeles Lakers game. Also, the Golden State Warriors played against the Phoenix Suns, the Boston Celtics went against the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Atlanta Hawks played at the MSG against the New York Knicks.

Despite the 2022-23 NBA season hasn't been revealed yet, according to multiple reports, the Christmas Day games are already set. This includes the Bucks-Celtics game, the 76ers-Knicks matchup, an unusual Suns-Nuggets game, the Lakers-Mavericks clash, and the anticipated Grizzlies-Warriors at the Chase Center.