LeBron James' impact on the NBA is undeniable. The pride of Ohio has won championships with every team he has been on: Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. Is this enough to be considered a legend on each and every one of these teams?

This topic was addressed by Richard Jefferson, a former NBA player who played for the Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks, among others. The current TV analyst shared a locker room with King for two years with the Cavaliers (2015-2017).

With that full knowledge he has about LeBron James, Jefferson raised his voice to share an analysis he made of the King's present, in which he points out that although he is a titan of the NBA, he cannot be considered an idol of the Los Angeles Lakers.

What LeBron James lacks to be a legend of Los Angeles?

To think that a monster of the court such as LeBron James has not done enough to be considered an idol in his current team, the Lakers, is something complicated. But Richard Jefferson broke down his claim as follows.

"LeBron James has not done enough as a Laker to be on that list. Bron been there now, this is his fourth season, right? They’ve been in there four seasons. Two years, they haven’t made the postseason. One year, they lost in the first round. And one year, they won a championship.”, stated the ESPN's analyst on his podcast Road Trippin'.

Perhaps tying the NBA rings mark he conquered with the Miami Heat, the team with which he won the most in the league, may be enough to tip the scales for LeBron James' idolization within the Los Angeles Lakers. With Darvin Ham as the new helmsman of the Angeles ship, there is new hope for the King.