Screenwriters should take a deep look at the Brooklyn Nets if they need inspiration for a soap opera. The Nets have become the least-liked team in the NBA, and hiring Ime Udoka won't do much to help their cause.

Kyrie Irving's shenanigans, conspiracy theories, and anti-semitic promotion put the team in an awkward position, yet they decided to hire a coach who was suspended six weeks ago for improper conduct.

Ben Simmons has barely played and has been a liability when healthy. Kyrie will be Kyrie, and Kevin Durant's heroics aren't enough to get the job done. That's why NBA analyst Vincent Goodwill believes they should just cut the cord and trade him.

NBA News: Nets Should Consider Trading Kevin Durant

(via Yahoo! Sports)

"The Irving sabbatical is coming. Set a watch to it. He’s due for an absence and maybe, just maybe, he’ll let the team know this time.

Or maybe not.

And that’s the reason the Nets should do the right thing here, start recouping draft picks and young players by sending Durant to a place where he can be best maximized.

So much drama has occurred in a compressed period, from Harden acting up to get to Brooklyn, to acting up to get out once he saw Irving wasn’t going to get vaccinated. In between that, there was Harden’s injury, and Irving’s injury in the 2021 playoffs that left Durant all alone in that series against Milwaukee.

And he looks all alone now, not just a man without a country but a man too good for the one he’s at.

The Nets aren’t winning games or selling tickets or selling hope, so it’s time to end this joke of an experiment. But they won’t, they’ll dig themselves into another public relations hole with this Udoka explanation — because unlike Irving, he’ll have to answer some uncomfortable questions when it’s official, and even then a large segment of fans in Brooklyn and beyond will feel unseen."

In all honesty, it doesn't feel like this will ever work. Their huge egos will always stand in the way. And, truth be told, people just don't want it to work, either. Fans want to watch them fail, and that's a position they've repeatedly put themselves in.