On paper, the Brooklyn Nets had enough offensive talent to get past every team in the NBA. But we already know that paper doesn't win championships, and their lack of chemistry, questionable coaching, and big egos stood in the way throughout the whole season.

The team barely played together, James Harden was traded, and their defense never got a stop. So, it wasn't that big of a surprise to see them lose in the first round. However, the fact that they were the only team that didn't win a single playoff game was a shocker.

Looking back, Nets star Kyrie Irving believes that being swept by the Boston Celtics was actually a good thing. He claims they're more motivated now and is looking forward to a rematch next season.

NBA News: Kyrie Irving Says Nets Needed To Be Humbled By Celtics

"Since we got 4-0'd, my G, we got 4-0'd... It was meant to happen like that," Kyrie said. "Motivation, bro. We needed that humbling experience, especially going against the Celtics. You know, it was already built in to be that matchup."

"We gonna see them again," Irving added. "We gonna have to. They gonna be where they gonna be but those youngins over there in Boston bro, I got to see them grow up. So to see them doing what they did last year, on the Finals stage, making it that far, I'm glad they had to go through us."

The Nets should be a better team next season with Ben Simmons back to full strength and all the signings they've made. But that won't mean anything unless Irving and Kevin Durant are willing to meet Steve Nash in the middle and buy into his idea.

Brooklyn went through some major turmoil in the offseason but should still be favored to go the distance in the Eastern Conference next season. Whether they'll shoot themselves in the foot again remains to be seen.