The Brooklyn Nets are a hot mess right now. They've done everything they could to become the least likable team in NBA history, according to Jay Williams, and that statement may not be that far off.

Ben Simmons is a rare sight on the court. Kevin Durant has spent more time defending himself and his teammates than leading them to wins. Kyrie Irving can't seem to shut his mouth, and hiring Ime Udoka sure is something else.

But the Kyrie situation seems to be the most complicated of them all. The team didn't want him there or trust him anymore, and his anti-Semitic remarks may have been just too much to handle. That's why ESPN's Nick Friedell believes he may have played his last game for the organization.

NBA Rumors: Nets Don't Trust Kyrie Irving Anymore

“There are so many people within the [Nets] organization who are so tired of the stuff off the floor," Friedell said. "Day by day, Kyrie has eroded the trust within the organization. So, as we sit here right now with the suspension ahead, there is a good chance he’s played his last game there.”

Another Sabbatical Is Coming, Claims Analyst

Yahoo Sports' Vincent Goodwill also urged the Nets to just pull the plug on this experiment. He predicts Kyrie will take some time off again, and it's a shame to see Kevin Durant waste more years of his career in Brooklyn:

"The Irving sabbatical is coming. Set a watch to it. He’s due for an absence and maybe, just maybe, he’ll let the team know this time. Or maybe not," Goodwill wrote. "And that’s the reason the Nets should do the right thing here, start recouping draft picks and young players by sending Durant to a place where he can be best maximized."

"The Nets aren’t winning games or selling tickets or selling hope, so it’s time to end this joke of an experiment. But they won’t, they’ll dig themselves into another public relations hole with this Udoka explanation — because unlike Irving, he’ll have to answer some uncomfortable questions when it’s official, and even then a large segment of fans in Brooklyn and beyond will feel unseen," the report added.

But truth be told, KD actually asked for this. He could've stayed as the centerpiece of a winning organization but he could never handle the fact that the Warriors were Stephen Curry's team. So, you reap what you sow.