The Ben Simmons situation has reached a breaking point. The former first-overall pick reportedly told the Philadelphia 76ers that he has no intention of reporting to training camp and that he wants to be traded.

The problem is that Sixers' GM Daryl Morey has set the bar too high for any potential trade. No team is willing to meet his steep price, not because Simmons isn't worth it but because of his openness to leave the team.

And, even though the Golden State Warriors have shown their interest in Simmons and have enough assets to pull off a deal, a recent report claims that it's unlikely that they make a run at him at this moment.

NBA Rumors: Warriors Are On The Fence About A Ben Simmons Trade

"The Warriors, according to sources, are divided on the subject," reported Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area. "Some see great potential in having two skilled players thriving in the ball-movement principles, especially in transition. Simmons also happens to be six years younger than Green. Others, however, believe having two non-shooters on the court is too crippling for an offense, even with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, to overcome, particularly in the postseason."

"The Warriors typically are reluctant to make a major move without a measure of consensus, if not complete unanimity. They tend to involve their personnel executives, their scouts, their coaches and their core players," the report concluded.

The Warriors could certainly use Simmons' playmaking and defense and they could even start him at the five. If anything, they won't need him that much to score points come playoff time or in the clutch.


Then again, that lack of consensus could make it difficult for them to want and part ways with Andrew Wiggins, future picks, picks swaps, and some of the rookies they took in this year's Draft. As of now, that just doesn't seem likely.