With the end of the 2021-22 NBA regular season near, Kyrie Irving’s part time status is an issue for the Brooklyn Nets. With Kevin Durant returning after an injury the team is in a better position, however, having Irving full time would be the ideal scenario. And it seems it could become a reality. 

Since the beginning of the season, Irving’s unvaccinated status has been a problem for the Nets, who can’t have him in home games as the New York City vaccine mandate for the private sector banned him from playing at the Barclays Center.  

However, there has been a lot of speculation that he could become fully available as New York City mayor Eric Adams was thinking about lifting the vaccine mandate. “We want people to get back into office spaces, and we’re asking those who are the head of their companies to make sure that they create a safe environment for their employees,” Adams said according to the New York Post. 

Report: Kyrie Irving could make his home debut on Sunday

According to Sally Goldenberg of Politico, New York City mayor Eric Adams will reverse "the private-sector vaccine mandate specifically for performers and athletes" in New York City on Thursday. The Athletic also reports that Irving is already eligible to make his home debut on Sunday in the game against the Charlotte Hornets. 

This decision would also mean that unvaccinated players on the New York Yankees, which could include slugger Aaron Judge, and Mets would be eligible to play home games when the MLB season begins in April.

Recently, mayor Adams spoke about Irving’s status and the possibility of him practicing with the team, being a violation of the vaccine mandate. “If Kyrie Irving is practicing — I’m not at the sports facility. The attorneys can tell us if he can practice or not, if it’s a violation of that or not,” he said on Wednesday per the New York Post.