There's no denying that James Harden is a special kind of talent. But as offensively disruptive and gifted as he is, his reputation around the NBA could raise some concerns if you're a Philadelphia 76ers fan.

Harden has some well-documented duds in big games. He struggles to be at his best in the playoffs and can't seem to deliver when it matters the most. Moreover, he's a well-known party lover who'll never hesitate to hit the club.

While he's entitled to do whatever he wants in his free time, watching him partying after a tough loss may not sit well with Sixers fans. That's why Stephen A. Smith urged him to be careful with his nightlife from now on.

NBA News: Stephen A. Smith Advices James Harden Not To Party In Philadelphia

“I need to send a message on national television to James Harden. As a person that worked in Philadelphia for 17 years... I know this city," Smith said on ESPN. "They love you, they appreciate the fact that you are not Ben Simmons, but make no mistake when you play like you played the other night, you can not be seen out partying that night like it meant no big deal to you because the city, I can assure you, it was a big deal to them and be careful James Harden be very, very careful. It ain't Houston."

Sixers fans are as loyal as they're ruthless, and Harden isn't the one to deal with boos and criticism in the best way. Rest assured that he doesn't want any part of Philadelphia's tough love.

The Sixers can do something special with him and Joel Embiid playing the way they've played since the trade. But he also needs to be focused entirely on basketball if they want that experiment to succeed.