• The Warriors still haven’t made the playoffs.
  • They need to beat the Kings to have a chance at the No. 8 seed.
  • Stephen Curry knows it’ll take a collective effort.

Warriors And Kings Meet In Play-In Tournament Matchup

The Golden State Warriors’ season is on the line, and that’s not a position they’ve been very familiar with in the past. Once considered the team to beat in the NBA, that’s no longer the case.

They need to get past the Sacramento Kings to get a chance at the No. 8 seed, and their newly-found rivalry sets the table for this to be one of the most entertaining games of the season.

With that in mind, Stephen Curry looked back on last season’s playoff series vs. the Kings, talking about how their sense of urgency helped them be at their best when it mattered the most.

Stephen Curry Talks About The Warriors’ Sense Of Urgency To Beat The Kings

“It was a sense of urgency, obviously,” Curry said on Monday. “Just understanding, we were in pretty good shape coming back from Sacramento winning Game 5. They took it to us in Game 6 and we got embarrassed on our home floor. It’s a matter of how you respond at that point. Just an understanding of whatever it took to bring the right energy back to that Game 7 performance.”

Stephen Curry pointing at the rafters

Stephen Curry pointing at the rafters

It’s Another Game 7 For The Warriors

Curry had one of his best postseason performances of all time vs. the Kings last season, and the fans expect the same to happen on Tuesday night. However, he knows it’ll take a collective effort to get the job done:

“Everybody talks about my numbers, but everybody was engaged and locked in, playing physical, playing with desperation,” Curry added. “We’re going to have to have that same type of mentality tomorrow. Kind of ironic. Everything else built up to that Game 7, this is technically a Game 7-type environment in the same building. So, we gotta do it again.”

History is on the Warriors’ side, but they still need to prove it on the hardwood. And while the Play-In Tournament might seem cruel or unfair at times, it has given the fans plenty of exciting moments, so it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

SURVEY Who\'ll win?

Who\'ll win?