The Golden State Warriors are 10-12 through the first quarter of the season. They’re sitting on the 11th spot in the Western Conference, and look far from the team that won the NBA championship just two years ago, even though they have the same core.

The Warriors have gotten off to strong starts to games but they seem to run out of gas down the stretch. They’ve blown big leads over and over, and coach Steve Kerr can’t seem to find his best rotations.

The team has talked about this slow start over and over, but with 25% of the regular season already on the books and an early exit in the In-Season Tournament, it seems like they’re past talking right now.

That’s why Kerr and Stephen Curry opened up about how they need to take a deep look in the mirror and be better once and for all. There’s still time, but they cannot wait any longer.

Warriors Are Frustrated

“It’s a pattern right now,” Kerr said. “I watched this same group win a championship a year and a half ago. They’re champions. But they’re not playing like it. I’m not coaching like it. We have to figure this out.”

Curry isn’t usually pessimistic, but he hasn’t looked as joyful as per usual. The greatest shooter of all time has had enough, and he wants the team to act like it and not just talk like it:

“I don’t know, man,” Curry said. “Gotta figure out how to stop talking about it and do it. Or else you’ll be into the new year with the same problems. I’m kinda sick of talking about it.”

Thompson Is Still Confident In The Team

Klay Thompson, on the other hand, isn’t as blunt and as pessimistic. He still has plenty of confidence in the team’s ability to turn things around, and even though he understands why the players are frustarted, he knows they’ve been there and done that way too many times:

(The criticism) It’s probably warranted,” Thompson said. “But I can’t subscribe to that stuff though. I’ve been in this business so long. You just got to do what you can do every day to get better. Can’t listen to the outside noise. It’ll drive you nuts. Just work on yourself. Be the best you can for your team.”

Thompson’s shooting slump is one of the main reasons behind the Warriors’ woes. He has been up and down this season, and having him and Andrew Wiggins posting career-worst numbers, scoring and efficiency-wise, has raised plenty of questions about their future in the starting lineup.

Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga seem ready to break out, yet coach Kerr hasn’t given them a longer leash in favor of his veterans. Then again, they might put him in a tough spot if they continue to outplay their more experienced teammates.

There are still 60 games left in the season, and the Warriors have proven that they cannot be counted out, regardless of how bad things look. Even so, they cannot expect different results if they continue to do the same things over and over.

SURVEY Can the Warriors turn things around?

Can the Warriors turn things around?