Draymond Green has sparked a new controversy in the NBA after hitting Jusuf Nurkic in the head during the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns.

Green was ejected for the third time this season with 8:23 remaining in the third quarter. Now, as a consequence of his behavior, the league announced the veteran has been suspended indefinitely.

It’s important to remember that, just a few days ago, Draymond Green came back from a five-game suspension after choking Rudy Gobert of the Minnesota Timberwolves. A few days after the incident with Nurkic, Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors, emphasized this is a crucial moment to help the star.

“I think the suspension makes sense. To me, this is about more than basketball. It’s about helping Draymond. I think it’s an opportunity for Draymond to step away and to make a change in his approach and his life. That’s not an easy thing to do.”

Steve Kerr agrees with NBA suspension for Draymond Green

Furthermore, Steve Kerr agreed with the type of suspension announced by the NBA, as this is not a problem which might be solved in just a determined number of games.

“The league did that with five games after the incident with Rudy (Gobert). That’s not the answer. To pick a number. The answer is to help Draymond and give him the help he needs. Give him an opportunity ti make a change.”

The consensus around the league, especially with coaches and players closest to him, is that this situation is more about the person than the player. Steve Kerr will be there to help Draymond Green.

“This is not just about an outburst on the court. It’s about his life. It’s about someone who I believe in. Someone I have known for decades, who I love for his loyalty. We’re trying to help that guy, because the one who grabbed and choked Rudy (Gobert), the one who took a wild flail at Jusuf (Nurkic), the one who punched Jordan last year…that’s the guy who has to change. He knows that.”

Stephen Curry talks about Draymond Green’s suspension

In the last few days, many people wondered what was the perspective of Stephen Curry in the matter. He is the leader of the Golden State Warriors and confirmed there was a huge team meeting to address the situation.

“We had a conversation about holding each other accountable. Holding Draymond accountable to what’s been going on and what needs to change. The conversations we had were about him. Making sure the focus is getting right and getting on a path that’s going to allow him to be who he needs to be as a person, a man, a father, a husband and a basketball player. All in that order.”