For years, people have claimed that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history, and not many analysts would dare to disagree with that statement. Nonetheless, others believe that the best shooter is another member of the Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson.

Thompson has the smoothest shooting mechanics you'll see. He doesn't need to take more than 5 dribbles in a full game to give you 26 points, as his quick release makes him automatic from everywhere on the court.

That's why people are often questioning current and former Warriors players about this current issue, and 3-time NBA Champion Andre Iguodala might have put an end to this never-ending debate once and for all.

Andre Iguodala Speaks Up On The Better Shooter Debate Between Stephen Curry And Klay Thompson

“In terms of shooting — the only thing about Klay is he’ll get bored,” said the forward on JJ Redick's The Old Man & The Three. “Like in a shooting contest, he’ll get bored. So people are like, ‘Who’s a better shooter: Steph or Klay?’ It depends on if Klay wants to go play with his dog or not. That’s just typical Klay.”

That says a lot. Iguodala suggests that Klay is actually a slightly better shooter than Curry but the thing is that he just doesn't care. And, judging by what we've seen from Thompson, we could agree with that statement.

Curry and Thompson hold multiple three-point related records and they don't go by the name 'The Splash Brothers' just because it's catchy. They're the all-time greatest three-point shooting duo in NBA history.

Hopefully, one day we'll get to see Curry and Klay go toe-to-toe in a shooting contest with a fully motivated Thompson. Perhaps, all he needs is to pet his dog right before the competition so he doesn't get bored or distracted.