Trevor Lawrence is set to enter the NFL draft this year after playing the last three years for the Clemson Tigers in the ACC of the NCAA. The young player carries high expectations around him and he’s trying to confirm his position as the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft as if it was necessary. 

The player had his Pro Day today and he showed his talents, enchanting a lot of people with his arm strength and his mobility. However, not everybody was convinced that he did the right play or moved properly during that sequence. 

He’s expected to land in Jacksonville to play with the Jaguars and watching how much time it took for him to throw the ball, NFL fans expressed their doubts about Lawrence’s real chances to be impactful in the league. 

NFL fans destroy Trevor Lawrence on social media after Pro Day

Not everybody was impressed with Lawrence’s display and NFL Twitter showed that they can be more toxic than any other community in American professional sports. While some just trolled the player, others were more serious about the issues he should face in the league if he didn’t adapt quickly to that environment. 

Lawrence is ready to take the world by storm and he’ll probably be better in competition. The JAGGS will receive a great player that can make them a competitive team in the near future. This kid is expected to do big things and regardless of how bad people see his participation in this Pro Day, that doesn’t change the fact that Lawrence is one of the most promising and hyped prospects the NFL has seen in recent years.