The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will go for eternal glory when they meet on Sunday, February 12 at State Farm Stadium to play the Super Bowl LVII.

Planning to go to the game? From going to the Phoenix Zoo to visiting the University of Phoenix Stadium, here are 10 things a football fan can do in Arizona during Super Bowl weekend.

  • Head to the Phoenix Zoo With the Family
  • Visit The Westgate Entertainment District and TopGolf
  • Rent a Luxury RV and Camp With the Boys
  • Attend the Waste Management Pheonix Open
  • Try Outdoor Goat Yoga and Soak in The Mountain Views 
  • Take a Food Tour
  • Visit Popular Museums
  • Hike South Mountain
  • Visit Sedona and Williams
  • Visit the University of Phoenix Stadium

Head to the Phoenix Zoo With the Family

If you're planning to be in Glendale, Arizona on February 12th for the NFL Super Bowl, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. I recommend exploring the nearby Phoenix Zoo if you are attending the Super Bowl with your family.

There are over 3,000 animals and more than 200 different species! When I went there, I spent hours admiring the wildlife and learning about conservation efforts. There are also a variety of interactive experiences like camel rides and giraffe feeding platforms that will make your visit even more memorable.

Timothy Woods, Director, Carnivore Style

Visit The Westgate Entertainment District and TopGolf

There's much to do in Glendale. There are golf courses, but there's also a host of activities for the entire family at the Westgate Entertainment District. This includes a zoo and a fun driving range that the whole family will love. The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium, and Safari Park have the state's most exotic animals, with more than 75 exhibits and 600 species. It's easy to get to and offers something for everyone.

TopGolf is a top-rated event venue that has golf games for all skill levels. It also has food and drinks for both children and adults, so everyone has a good time. Scenic tours of Arizona's beautiful scenery are offered for those who want to get outside. Arizona scenic tours can customize day trips and has tours for any size group to places like Sedona, Prescott, the Grand Canyon, and Tombstone. There are winery, history, and Native American site tours as well.

Baruch Labunski, CEO, Rank Secure

Rent a Luxury RV and Camp With the Boys

I highly recommend renting a luxury RV and camping out at White Tank Mountain campground. The views of the desert are spectacular, and it is private without being isolated. It is one of the cleanest campsites around, and is the perfect spot for hunkering down for a boys' trip a few days before and after the Super Bowl. There is plenty of park area for playing some football with friends, and it is just a short drive from Glendale. With the Super Bowl coming to town, you will pay a fortune for hotels, so renting an RV is a great way to cut costs without sacrificing the bonding experience with your friends!

Tory Jon, Owner and CEO, CamperFAQs

Attend the Waste Management Pheonix Open

The Waste Management Phoenix Open (or just Phenix Open) is a professional golf tournament on the PGA Tour. The event is hosted in North Scottsdale and is happening the same weekend as the Super Bowl.

The Phoenix Open is usually held late January/early February, so it's a great chance to escape the cold and enjoy the sun that Arizona has to offer. This tournament is not for the faint of heart. Thousands of people attend each day and it's known as the rowdiest tournament in America. If you like to party, this is an event for you! I've attended the Phoenix Open twice and plan on attending this year as well.

Even if you're not a golf fan (I most certainly am not), there is plenty of socializing, food and drink vendors, and areas to sit and enjoy golf and the company you came with. If you're up for it, check out the Coors Light Birds Nest concerts! They host concerts four nights per week during the tournament and have A-list artists. See you there!

Adrian James, Partnerships Manager, Terkel

Try Outdoor Goat Yoga and Soak in The Mountain Views

How about goat yoga outdoors with mountain views! Yes, there are tiny goats that will stand on your back and crawl under you while you do a yoga routine outside in the fresh air! Find a mountain and climb it, or explore around it, as there is a mountain within a 10-minute drive anywhere in the Phoenix metro area. Outdoor dining is huge in Arizona, and look for lists of rooftop bars or outdoor patios. At night, they get out the heaters, so you can continue to party under the stars.

Stephanie Schull, CEO, Kegelbell

Take a Food Tour

An uncommon idea for football fans to enjoy during the Super Bowl weekend in Glendale, Arizona is to sample the local cuisine. Residents of this Sunbelt city are renowned for their fusion foods that combine flavors from both Old and New World cuisines.

In addition to classic Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos, and enchiladas, restaurants in Glendale offer distinct culinary creations such as shrimp papaya empanadas and fried squash blossom quesadillas. Out-of-town visitors can broaden their palates by hopping around local eateries to try these unique recipes paired with a variety of regional wines.

Carly Hill, Operations Manager,

Visit Popular Museums

There are many things to do in Glendale, Arizona during the Super Bowl weekend. One thing that a football fan can do is go to the game itself and watch their favorite team play. The Super Bowl will be hosted at the University of Phoenix Stadium, which is in Glendale. It seats 63,400 people and has been host to many big events such as concerts. Another thing that a football fan can do is visit one of the many museums or attractions nearby.

There are several museums within walking distance from the University of Phoenix Stadium, including the Museum of Arts & Sciences (MAS), Heard Museum, Pueblo Grande Museum & Archaeological Park, and Arizona Science Center. There are also several attractions nearby, such as Rawhide Western Town & Event Center (Rawhide), Desert Botanical Garden (DBG), and Phoenix Zoo (PZ).

Nathan Hughes, Founder, Art Ignition

Hike South Mountain

Having spent lots of time in the Phoenix area, anyone attending the Super Bowl there has to visit South Mountain. Visitors can hike up the mountain on a 3.8-mile trail to get the best views of the city. Besides hiking, visitors can go rappelling, horseback riding, or visit castles and petroglyphs. For those who are saving their energy for the game itself, they can drive up to Dobbin's Lookout and see all across the valley and downtown Phoenix. For the best view in Arizona, one can't beat South Mountain.

Brianna Bitton, Co-Founder, O Positiv

Visit Sedona and Williams

Arizona has been my home for more than 20 years, and it is a gorgeous state. If you arrive a few days before the "Big Dance," make sure you visit these two places:

Sedona: This picturesque town is lined with beautiful red rock formations that are millions of years old. It is filled with amazing stores and eateries, lots of fun tours, and some of the best hiking and views you will find anywhere. (Sedona is 90 minutes from Phoenix)

Visit Williams: This smaller cowboy town is down the street from Bearizona, a drive-through wildlife park where you can see bears, wolves, bison, elk, and more. Take the train from Williams to the Grand Canyon for a day of sightseeing you won't soon forget. Grab some lunch there, and hop the train back. Don't forget to grab lunch at the world-famous Route 66 Cafe (best BBQ in the state). (Williams is 90 minutes from Phoenix) .

Michael Lazar, Executive, ReadyCloud

Visit the University of Phoenix Stadium

If you're a football fan looking for something to do during the Super Bowl weekend in Glendale, Arizona, I would recommend visiting the University of Phoenix Stadium. Not only is it home to the Arizona Cardinals football team and one of the premier venues in all of sports, but they also have unique activities going on around the time of the big game.

In previous years, they have season ticket holder rallies that feature live music and activities such as autograph signings with well-known NFL players and coaches from both teams participating as well. Plus, there are usually food vendors available so you can get your fill of delicious game-day snacks! This makes for a memorable football experience that goes beyond just watching the Super Bowl.

Nadzeya Sankovich, Regional Manager, Health Reporter