The NFL Draft is a lottery for most of the time. Teams usually do their best keep the cards close to the vest to not reveal their intentions beforehand. Although that’s not always the case when it comes to the first overall pick. This year Bryce Young appears as the top choice.

That selection was originally assigned to the Chicago Bears, but they made a big trade with the Carolina Panthers. A franchise starting a new regime with the hiring of Frank Reich as their head coach appears as an obvious candidate to take a quarterback, especially after making that move.

Throughout the whole process there were different prospects like C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, or even Will Levis rumored to be selected there. However, the main favorite has always been Young. The 2021 Heisman Trophy winner could break a long drought for the Alabama Crimson Tide if that ends up happening.

When was the last time a player from Alabama Crimson Tide was the first overall pick?

In the NFL Draft there is always a lot of uncertainty in almost every pick. That idea shouldn’t be left out in this case because of how changing the process has been since the NFL Scouting Combine. Although it would definitely be shocking if the Panthers don’t pick Young today. Getting him would mark an interesting feat for the prestigious institution in the history of this event.

The only player from the Alabama Crimson Tide to be the first overall pick was QB Harry Gilmer. Washington selected the quarterback in 1948, so it’s been 75 years since they achieved that honor. One big name that should certainly be mentioned is Joe Namath. He was the N°1 pick by the New York Jets in 1965, although that was in the AFL Draft. It was definitely something noteworthy, but the two leagues weren’t merged yet at the time of his draft.