It is clear that no player wants to be picked at the end of a NFL Draft, even more if the 'Mr. Irrelevant' tag is written on your jersey. There are some cases that are able to leave behind that nickname and succeed, but has any of those won a Super Bowl ring?

The NFL Draft is the most interesting moments for any college player. They are waiting for any team to pick them, but unfortunately not all of them can make it to the most important football league.

There's definitely one pick that no player wants: the last one. The NFL calls this selection the 'Mr. Irrelevant', but some of them have became pretty relevant in the league's history.

Has any NFL 'Mr. Irrelevant' won a Super Bowl ring?

A top selection doesn't mean success every single time. The most famous case of course is Tom Brady, who was drafted with the 199th overall pick by the Patriots.

But those gems are not so common, specially if it is the last one to be drafted. The NFL calls them 'Mr. Irrelevant' as it is the pick nobody cares for, but there has been one case of success recently.

Ryan Succop, 2009 'Mr. Irrelevant' is the only player to be drafted with the last pick and still win a Super Bowl. He did it in the LV edition when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.