Josh Allen has proven to be one of the best quarterbacks nowadays, but his actions outside the field are not. The Buffalo Bills player was spotted rudely ditching Miami Dolphins' fans out of Highmark Stadium during their Week 15 matchup.

AFC East is one of the toughest Divisions in the NFL currently. Bills clinched the title after defeating the Dolphins in Week 15, but there was more action after the four quarters ended.

The game was almost perfect for Josh Allen. The Bills quarterback went for an interview after the match to talk about his performance, but it was spotted doing something really rude towards Dolphins' fans.

Video: Josh Allen rudely kicks Dolphins' fans out of Highmark Stadium

On Saturday, the Bills hosted the Dolphins for what's going to be an epic battle between the AFC East squads. Buffalo needed to win to clinch the Division title, but Miami didn't put things easy for them.

After a huge win by the Bills with a 32-29 score, Josh Allen was seen as the key player for their victory with four touchdowns. He went for an interview after the game, but he started a fight against some Dolphins¿ fans that were still at Highmark Stadium.

Cameras spotted Josh Allen telling Miami Dolphins' fans to "go home". According to reports, they were throwing snowballs at the NFL Network set, where he was interviewed, so he got really mad about it.