To say Geno Smith did better than predicted last year would be an understatement. When Russell Wilson left, the Seahawks' starting job looked up for grabs as Drew Lock landed in Seattle from Denver.

Eventually, Pete Carroll tried his luck with the veteran quarterback — and he couldn't have been more right. At 32, Smith had a memorable year that saw him win the Comeback Player of the Year award.

Such a wonderful campaign earned him a massive contract extension with the Seahawks, signing a three-year deal reportedly worth $105 million. However, since a rookie quarterback could also join the team this offseason, Smith made something clear.

Geno Smith reacts to possibility of Seahawks drafting another quarterback

“I’d say it’s both. I love to compete, so I’ll compete with anybody,” Smith said, via ProFootballTalk.I’m also gonna help them out as much as I can. Same as we did with Drew [Lock]. Our QB room is so tight knit and we’re all so connected that we act as one. Whether it’s a young guy or someone else, I’m gonna help that player just like any other player on our team be the best that he can be because that’s my job as a leader.

Previously, Carroll didn't rule out landing another quarterback during the 2023 NFL Draft in April, adding that he wouldn't expect Smith to complain about it, "That opportunity is absolutely there. Whatever we do, he’s going to take it in stride. He’s not going to worry about anybody.”

Smith has proven to have enough left in the tank to continue being a starting quarterback, and he definitely has the experience to mentor a younger quarterback. But if the Seahawks bring a new guy, Smith will be ready to fight for his job as well.