The trading period and free agency will start soon. Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the most attractive names to go for, but it seems like the Houston Texans will push for him with an ambitious plan to sign the veteran quarterback.

Multiple players will be available soon as free agents. One of the main targets for several teams is Jimmy Garoppolo, who won't be part of the San Francisco 49ers in 2023 after they didn't offered him a contract extension.

According to reports, Jimmy G is on the radar for teams like the Jets, Raiders, or Buccaneers. However, the Texans might be aggressively pushing for him with an ambitious long-term plan.

Report: Texans want Jimmy Garoppolo and a 1st-round quarterback

The idea of adding a veteran quarterback seems to be a new trend in the NFL this year. Multiple teams are searching an experienced player to lead their offense and not risk it with a rookie.

In the upcoming free agency, Jimmy Garoppolo is seen as one of the most interesting quarterbacks to go for. The 2-time Super Bowl champion wants to continue playing and will decide where to land without a team behind him.

Jets and Raiders were seen as possible landing spots for Garoppolo, but now the Texans have entered the equation. According to CBS Reporter Jonathan Jones, Houston will push aggressively to sign the former 49ers quarterback once the free agency starts.

However, this report also indicates that he is not the only quarterback they'll sign this year. The Texans are interested in drafting one and allow him to develop behind Garoppolo to take his starting role in the future.