The San Francisco 49ers will be favorites to reach the Super Bowl next season with a stellar roster of names such as Christian McCaffrey, Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel. If injuries hadn't appeared during the last NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the story might have been very different.

However, Brock Purdy's elbow injury derailed their hopes. Now, the front office and coaches of the 49ers have a 'good problem' at hand. Though Jimmy Garoppolo went to the Las Vegas Raiders, their quarterback situation looks promising towards the future with two amazing players such as Purdy and Trey Lance


However, Brock Purdy and his unexpected rise puts in jeopardy San Francisco's project of Trey Lance as their franchise quarterback. In the 2021 NFL Draft, the 49ers gave a blockbuster trade package to the Miami Dolphins and selected Lance with the No.3 overall pick. It could all change two years later. 

Will the 49ers trade Trey Lance?

According to a report from Ian Rapoport, many teams in the NFL are aware of the quarterback situation in San Francisco. With Brock Purdy as a possible long-term starter with the 49ers, pending on his elbow rehab, a huge package might be in place to trade for Trey Lance

"The 49ers have received inquiries from several teams looking into a potential trade for former No. 3 pick QB Trey Lance. The conversations have been the result of San Francisco fielding the calls, not making them, with teams aware that Brock Purdy is likely the future starter."

However, in all this situation, it's important to emphasize the 49ers are not looking for a trade. In fact, they could be just testing the market in case a massive offer arrives for Trey Lance.


Ian Rapoport makes clear the possibility of a trade offer is real. "While no trade is imminent, and the 49ers would almost certainly want to make sure Brock Purdy's rehab continues to go as smoothly as it's been going, the interest from other teams in Lance has been there."