That humiliating loss vs. the Dallas Cowboys might have been Tom Brady's final game in the National Football League, this time for good. Even so, some refuse to believe he's ready to just ride into the sunset and walk away from the game again.

Brady didn't look like his usual self during stretches this season. But, to be fair, he had perhaps the worst Offensive Line of his career, and the lack of an established running game didn't do much to help his case, either.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have lost more than just one game on Monday night. Tom Brady will be a free agent, and he'll have no shortage of options on his table, assuming he wants to keep playing.

NFL Rumors: Potential Destinations For Tom Brady

3. Indianapolis Colts

If there's one thing Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts love is overpaid aging quarterbacks who are way past their prime. Tom Brady fits that mold perfectly if we judge him by what we saw this season.

But as good as his supporting cast could be, and as much money as the Colts could offer him, it's unlikely that Brady will join a team with Jeff Saturday as his Head Coach. We just don't see that happening.

2. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders will reportedly go all-in in their pursuit of Brady this offseason. They're ready to move on from Derek Carr, and they've had a soft spot for their 'tuck-rule game' nemesis for quite a while now.

Playing in one of the biggest markets should be quite appealing for Brady from a business perspective. Also, he'd be reunited with his former Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, who's now in charge of the Raiders.

1. New England Patriots

This one seems like a long shot, but it would be the most epic finale for the most epic career in NFL history. Brady and Bill Belichick bury the hatchet and get together for one final Super Bowl run. Hey, maybe they even get Gronk and Edelman back as well.

Mac Jones regressed this season, but it's not all on him. He had zero stability with Matt Patricia calling the plays. Also, he could benefit from one year of learning from the GOAT, and Brady would love to have that dominant New England Patriots defense again.