Bill Belichick is without any hesitation one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history. The veteran started as an assistant coach and made his way to the top, ultimately joining the New England Patriots, where he created a dynasty. 

He became one of the greatest to ever do it in Foxborough and even though this season didn’t go as planned for the team, Belichick doesn’t lose his spot as one of the most successful coaches in the history of the league. 

However, when you think about how great the team was until Tom Brady decided to leave last year, it makes you think who won, Belichick or the veteran quarterback that is going to play his 10th Super Bowl. 

Bill Belichick's record is under .500 without Tom Brady 

After Brady decided to try his luck with a different team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, everybody started debating about who was the biggest responsible for the Patriots’ success, Belichick or Brady and besides the fact that the 43-year-old is headed to the big game once again, the coach hasn’t had the best record without his star on the field. 

At the end of this season, the Patriots finished with a 6-9 record, third in the AFC East, only ahead of the New York Jets (2-14). That left the 68-year-old with a 25-28 record when Brady doesn’t play for him. 

That should answer the question of who is the biggest winner of this divorce. However, there is no bad blood between the two legends as Brady recently had high praise for his former coach, claiming he was great with him and explaining he owes a lot to Bill. 


Well, it is the other way around, too, as Belichick developed Brady to become the great quarterback he is right now and the person responsible for taking the Patriots to the glory in their last three titles. This was a great partnership but things have changed and while Brady is still ruling the league with the Bucs, Belichick has work to do ahead of the upcoming season.