Bruce Arians has replied to Washington Football Team rookie Chase Young after the latter dared to call out NFL legend Tom Brady ahead of their clash with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round of the 2021 NFL postseason. 

Young sent a big message to Brady, making it clear that he wanted to face the veteran quarterback and see what he had to offer. Young has been great for Washington, no doubt about it, but this is his first season and he shouldn’t be calling out players that way, especially Tom Brady. 

The 6x NFL champion didn’t respond to those comments but Bruce Arians did and he, for once, defended his quarterback against the attacks. Arians and Brady haven’t had the best relationship this season but the coach wasn’t having any of that and he warned Young about the things he wishes. 

Bruce Arians warns Chase Young after calling out Tom Brady 

Arians praised the player for his good performances this season, explaining he did a lot for a rookie and was even named captain of the team. However, he couldn’t get ahead of himself and try to provoke veterans. 

“It’s kind of like what Mike Tomlin was talking about. You don’t want to have to draft that high to get guys like that. But you’ve got to play against them. He’s a hell of a player. Making him a captain as a rookie speaks volumes.”

Bruce explained to the rookie that wanting to see Tom Brady could backfire at him, demonstrating that things are better between the coach and his player right now. 

“Both those kids from Ohio State, he and McLaurin, are great kids. He’s a handful, but so is Sweat, Payne, the rest of those guys.

“Ryan Kerrigan, I’ve had a ton of respect for a long time. We’ll have our hands full, but it’s one of those games where you better watch what you wish for.”

Tampa play Washington this Saturday night, hoping to teach Young and co. some manners. The Football Team were the worst division leader in the entire league, making it to the postseason with a negative record. Nobody but them believes they can actually get past Tom Brady and co. but everything can happen in the NFL.