The Antonio Brown situation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just got uglier. In the wake of his controversial departure from the game against the New York Jets on Sunday, the Bucs have announced they decided to cut the wide receiver.

Brown has once again made big headlines last weekend when he walked off the MetLife Stadium shirtless, waving to the crowd and jumping on the end zone before heading into the locker room. While the Bucs suggested it has been another outburst of the wide receiver, AB said Bruce Arians wanted him to play despite Brown made clear he was in extreme pain. Basically, he claims the Bucs are lying.

While it remains to be seen which side of the story is true, Antonio Brown's future in the NFL looks up in the air and it's uncertain if any team will give him another chance. However, the player has indicated he'll be looking forward to next season once his surgery is complete. It's still too early to tell if he'll be back or not, but here we'll take a look at three teams who could use a boost at WR next year, and maybe consider the chance of acquiring AB.

Cleveland Browns

After losing Odell Beckam Jr., who moved to the Los Angeles Rams, the Cleveland Browns might need a boost at the position. While they will continue to evaluate if Baker Mayfield is the right man to pull the offensive strings in the long term, the Browns could consider the option of Antonio Brown to offer their quarterback - whether it's Mayfield or other - a powerful target. Then again, it will depend on where AB stands in the next months and if Cleveland will be willing to face the risks.

Miami Dolphins

Another team who could really use wide receiver help are the Miami Dolphins. While there are concerns around Tua Tagovailoa as well, almost everyone in South Florida agree that the young quarterback is quite lacking in optionsJaylen Waddle has been the only WR who looked fine this year and he is a rookie. The Fins need to make it into the playoffs once and for all, so despite all the controversy around Antonio Brown, maybe they could sit down for a minute and consider whether landing him as a free agent would be worth it.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have an interesting core of young talent at the wide receiver position in Marquise Brown and Rashod Bateman. The outlook is clearly different to when they tried to sign Antonio Brown in 2020, but they could finally go after him to have more experience at the position. But, just like we've mentioned before, maybe it will take some time before any team seriously considers the possibility of signing AB. His conflictive departure from the Buccaneers is still too recent, and first we'll have to see who is telling the truth about this situation.