It goes without saying that Bill Belichick is one of the greatest masterminds in football history. He's got the résumé to back up that claim, and while some people believe that he's getting exposed without Tom Brady, you just can't take anything away from him at this point.

Belichick has made a name for himself for being a reserved, quiet, even harsh man for most of his career. However, for some reason, most of the players who worked with him always have something nice to say about his personality.

Perhaps, what he shows the world is just a character and not the true Bill Belichick, so those who played under his tutelage actually got to know and witness what the rest of the NFL community has never seen.

Cam Newton Says He Was Surprised About How Cool Bill Belichick Was

That seems to be the case with newcomer Cam Newton as well, as the quarterback reportedly said that the thing that surprised him the most about Belichick was 'how cool he was', adding that he'd be 'dope' at a bar.

There were plenty of doubts regarding Newton's ability to mesh with Belichick once he signed that one-year deal with the New England Patriots, and while the results on the field were far from great, it seems like they developed a strong rapport off the gridiron.

Belichick had Newton's back throughout the season despite his huge struggles. He constantly trusted him to bounce back and lead the team to the best of his capacities, although, sadly, it wasn't the case.

Now, the Patriots will likely look for another starting quarterback in the trade market, with names like Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold, and even Jimmy Garoppolo looming around. As for Newton, it seems like his days as a starter in the NFL have come to an end.