The Dallas Cowboys got off to a surprising start to the season and have been one of the most balanced teams in the NFL. Nonetheless, they'll have a tough time when they meet the Las Vegas Raiders, as their roster will be quite decimated.

Ezekiel Elliott continues to deal with a nagging knee injury and has been a limited participant in this week's practices, so expect Tony Pollard to handle as many touches as he can on Thanksgiving.

CeeDee Lamb will most likely be out with a concussion and Amari Cooper has already been ruled out with COVID-19. That's why team legend Michael Irvin went on a full rant to call him out for not being vaccinated.

Cowboys News: Michael Irvin Rips Amari Cooper For Not Getting The Vaccine

"I don't know what word to put on it, but I am absolutely hot about it," Irvin told TMZ Sports. "Are you joking? I got a guy named Cedrick Wilson catching passes who makes $2 million and a guy named Noah Brown who makes $1 million? And I got a guy who makes $21 million, on the bench, at home, not playing. It's crazy."

"Our job as athletes is to try to remove any reason of not winning the Super Bowl," the Cowboys legend added. "It's why I condition, so fatigue isn't the reason that I lose the Super Bowl. It's why I go over plays a million times so that a mistake is not the reason why I lose the Super Bowl. You have to try to mitigate any issue that can cost you a game or a Super Bowl. And COVID is one of them. You go get vaccinated to try to mitigate it as best you can."

"Now, you can still get it after you get vaccinated, but it's a different percentage chance of you getting it. And I need you to get that different percentage chance. I'm so hot for Amari Cooper not being on that," he concluded.

Irvin believes that the team's goal of winning another ring should be above Cooper's personal choice. Whatever is the case, the Cowboys will have to get by without him for the foreseeable future.