You don't have to be a football connoisseur to realize that Ryan Tannehill is the weakest link in the Tennessee Titans. They have a strong offensive line, an elite pass-rush, the best running back in the game, a solid WR corps, and are a well-coached, disciplined NFL team.

Tannehill, on the other hand, has left some to be desired when he's been called to step up. It's been like that since his days with the Dolphins and, even though he's improved under Mike Vrabel, he's still nothing spectacular.

That's why multiple fans are asking for Tannehill's head and want the Titans to pursue a QB in the offseason. Derrick Henry, however, has the utmost confident in Tannehill's ability to lead the team to success.

NFL News: Derrick Henry Slams Ryan Tannehill's Haters, Wants Him Back Next Season

“At this point, people are looking to find a scapegoat and want to blame someone,” Henry told the Titans website. “We know what comes with the territory when you have high expectations, and you don’t meet that expectation. But that’s just what it is.

“Ryan has been in this league for a long time and he is a great player. We all take on the criticism – I take it on. It is a team sport, and not just one player. You just have to accept it for what it is, and you can’t let it get you down, and cause you to beat yourself up.”

Titans Don't Plan To Pursue Aaron Rodgers As Rumored

The Titans were a dark horse destination for Aaron Rodgers, who reportedly bought some estate in the area. However, it seems like the front office is ready to roll with Tannehill for at least another season:

“Ryan’s a pro,” Titans GM Jon Robinson told Ben Arthur of the Tennessean. “He knows how much he means to us. Traded for that guy. Gave him an opportunity to start. New contract. I think it’s pretty apparent where he stands with us. He’s our quarterback. I don’t know how many more times I gotta say it.”

Football is a team game so it's hard to point the finger at just one guy. But the Titans look tailor-made for Super Bowl contention and have fallen short of that goal in back-to-back seasons due to the very same issue.