Deshaun Watson is definitely the hottest name in the NFL right now after he requested a trade from the Houston Texans a couple of weeks ago. Although the team’s new general manager and even the owner have made it clear they’re confident that the player will remain their starting quarterback, not everybody is convinced of that. 

The 25-year-old has been linked with a series of teams in recent days, including the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, New England Patriots, and more. He won’t miss suitors this offseason and the Texans should be ready to let the man out if they don’t have more remedy. 

That is why a lot of people have started wondering where he’ll play next and some have gotten to the next level, trying to break down blockbuster trades that could send Watson to another team while giving the Texans the assets they need to start rebuilding. 

Stephen A. Smith suggests blockbuster swap deal between Texans and Cowboys 

ESPN’s analyst Stephen A. Smith recently talked about Watson’s situation, voicing his opinion about what the Houston Texans should do with the 3x Pro-Bowler. The veteran journalist came up with a very bold yet interesting idea regarding Houston and another Texan team from the NFC. Smith said that trading for Dak Prescott could be a great idea for Cal McNair’s team. 

“[Texans] are about to lose Deshaun Watson, he don’t want to be there. He don’t want to be there,” the ESPN analyst said. “Dak Prescott, being the ultimate professional, being the face of the franchise, willing to toe the company line, to go along and get along so long as you pay him his money — which Houston wouldn’t mind doing evidenced by how they paid Deshaun Watson. So if you’re Dak Prescott that might be something you’re willing to do. And I think if you’re the Houston Texans you should consider it.”

“You want to make sure that you get equitable compensation or something close to it for the services of Deshaun Watson, who’s determined not to be there,” Smith said. “Regardless of how much you’re flexing, you can’t make the brother want to be there any longer. If he don’t like the organization, if he doesn’t respect the organization — but you bring him back and insist on him playing for the organization, you are begging for trouble.”

Ok, this is definitely a bold idea but it could be beneficial for both teams. There is a catch though, and that’s what version of Prescott the Texans would get. He suffered a season-ending injury last campaign and there will be doubts about his level when he returns to the field. 

That could be a bad thing for the Texans but if they pull the trigger on this move and get the version of Dak we saw last season, that move could be very good for them. If they somehow can land pieces to build around the young player, Houston could be ready to have a competitive season. 

As for the Cowboys, landing Watson could be great, too. This player posted incredible numbers last season, demonstrating he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the game right now. It would be easier for Dallas to say yes to this move but they have expressed their loyalty to Prescott in the past. Time will tell if they go ahead with this but you have to admit this is a very good deal.