Unless you've been living under a rock, you may know that Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is facing quite the predicament after 21 women filed civil lawsuits against him for sexual assault. 

The NFL standout was already in the public eye after demanding a trade away from the team. Now, however, it seems like football is the last thing going through his mind after getting in such a big mess.

21 women claim that Watson engaged in sexual misconduct with them during massage sessions and some leaked texts could suggest that the quarterback is, indeed, guilty of those accusations.

Recent Statement Defending Deshaun Watson Raises A Lot Of Questions

And now that his attorney Rusty Hardin posted a statement on his behalf with 18 masseuses defending Watson, the situation just got way fishier. I mean, why on earth would he need nearly 40 different masseuses?

According to Pro Football Talk, even former NFL player Jermon Bushrod thinks that there's something strange going on here, as there's no way that Watson would've needed that many different therapists throughout his brief career in the league:

(Transcript via Pro Football Talk)

"Former NFL offensive lineman Jermon Bushrod fueled that skepticism with a now-deleted tweet in response to our item regarding the latest Hardin statement. “I played 12 years,” Bushrod tweeted, “I think I had half of that throughout my whole career.”

Bushrod, in response to the tweet, was asked by another user whether football players usually stick with one massage therapist for an extended period of time.

“Yes,” Bushrod said in the reply, which also has been deleted. “No way I could have multiple therapists per game week".

Plenty of people have come in favor of Watson's character and claim that there's no way he would engage in these kinds of behaviors. Then again, this statement raised more questions than answers.