The upcoming season of the 2022-2023 NFL starts in less than five months, but the news and information about the league have not stopped, the controversial trades are the ones that attract the most attention but out of the normal order the fans pick the top four uniforms in a tweet by the NFL.

Teams in the NFL usually don't change their uniforms and remain basically the same (color combination) for much of the franchise's history. What usually changes are the names of the teams and the logos that are stylized.

Fans prefer colorful or black uniforms, but there are other fans who prefer retro uniforms that are no longer used today. The uniforms that players wear in the second decade of the 21st century are much tighter and more tailored than in previous years.

The four best NFL uniforms according to internet fans

Las Vegas Raiders: The Raiders fan base agrees on twitter and chose their team's uniform as number one with 1573 likes.

New Orleans Saints: The classic white uniform with gold details is the second best in responses to the NFL's tweet with 489 likes. It is an elegant and intimidating uniform. Es un uniforme elegante e intimidante.

Los Angeles Rams: One of the retro combinations of the Super Bowl Champions Los Angeles Rams with blue and yellow is the third best uniform with 308 likes.

Atlanta Falcons: This selection was unique in that fans decided to give 103 likes to a Falcons uniform that was worn during the Michael Vick Era.