The last time Colin Kaepernick played in the NFL was during the 2016 season, that season was tough for him because after two surgeries his performance was poor and he barely played half the season as a starter.

The most memorable part of Kaepernick's NFL career was his appearance during Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. The San Francisco 49ers, Colin's team, played against the Baltimore Ravens in what was an epic season finale where two family related head coaches (Harbaugh brothers) played with their best rosters.

Colin Kaepernick turned into a controversial character due to his 'kneeling' during the national anthem, another player joined his cause (Eric Reid) and they both filed a lawsuit against the NFL after no team wanted to sign them, both players said it was related to the kneeling event.

Is Colin Kaepernick going to play in the 2022 NFL season?

According to the New York Times, today May 25, 2022, Colin Kaepernick is officially training with an NFL Team, the news is fresh but it was ESPN that first reported about Kaepernick and his return to the NFL. He is training with the Las Vegas Raiders.

On April 1, 2022, Colin Kaepernick said on Detroit’s WXYZ radio station about his desire to help an NFL team win games in the upcoming season: “...I can help you win games. I know right now the situation likely won't allow me to step into a starting role. I know I'll be able to work my way to that, though...", those words translate that Kaepernick is ready to play as a backup quarterback.

The official NFL website ( and NBCSports have made special mention of the perfect teams for Kaepernick: Steelers, Ravens, Cardinals, Titans and Broncos. 

Kaepernick is 34 years old (1987), he is a 6-4 (193m), 230 lb (104 kg) quarterback, with an 88.9 passer rating and a 72-30 TD-INT record. During his entire NFL Career he played for the San Francisco 49ers until Kyle Shanahan took the job as head coach in the 2017 offseason.