The big favorites (teams) to win the upcoming 2023 Super Bowl are the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills among others. The regular season will be one of the toughest in the last 5 years, the best quarterbacks with the strongest offense and defense lines so far.

But apart from the big teams there are other kind of favorites, they are players who do not play in any of those teams mentioned above but who are stuck in franchises with little future to win a Super Bowl even though they have played at a high level in the last 4-6 seasons.

Football is not like soccer, a franchise cannot buy all the best players in the league to build a team, that is financially impossible and therefore a lot of players are left without a chance to win a ring despite being the best in their positions.

The top ringless players for the 2022 NFL season

JJ Watt is one of those players, some critics say that he is already washed but it is not true, he still has a lot to give but with the situation of the Arizona Cardinals it is unlikely that JJ Watt can win a ring in the upcoming season.

1. JJ Watt (Cardinals)
2. Davante Adams (Raiders)
3. Trent Williams (49ers)
4. Matt Ryan (Colts)
5. Julio Jones (Free Agent)
6. Khalil Mack (Bears)
7. Myles Garrett (Browns)
8. TJ Watt (Steelers)
9. Derrick Henry (Titans)

Do not get confused, this list is of the considered best ringless players for the upcoming season, they are not the best of their positions overall but they are considered top notch players, with some exceptions such as Khalil Mack and Davante Adams who could be called as the best in their positions.