Football is a ruthless and merciless sport. One day, you're at the top of the world and considered the best player in your position and the next, you may not even have a team. Primes aren't as long as in other sports and the physical burden players have to endure in the NFL can cut their career shorts more often than not. That, summed to how outspoken he had been about the team's terrible management forced the Houston Texans to work on JJ Watt's release, a decision that he was glad to agree to.

Watt may no longer be the stalwart he once was but he's still one of the greatest defensemen the league has seen over the past decade or so, and multiple teams would be wise to give him a shot and see whether he's washed or he just couldn't do anything with the Texans' terrible defense.

Needless to say, the three-time Defensive Player of the Year has been tied with pretty much every single team in the league since being released, but it seems like the final decision may go down to three teams: Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, or Arizona Cardinals.

Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, And Arizona Cardinals Could Make A Run At JJ Watt

The Titans' General Manager recently admitted to contacting him and it wouldn't be a surprise, given how little they got out of Jadeveon Clowney this season and how much they need to improve their pass-rush:

“We’ve had some contact. It’s early in the stages. We obviously know his skillset and what he’s meant to the Texans, having played against him twice [a year] and the type of player he is. So we’ll just kind of see how it goes," the executive said, as quoted by ClutchPoints.

Also, some reports claim that there's a mutual interest between JJ Watt and the Cleveland Browns. Apparently, Watt would lean towards signing with them because they're one of the few teams that could pay him a big buck while also contending for a ring:

"Released by the Texans on Friday, Watt is seriously considering the Browns as one of his options because they have a lot of what he wants, sources tell The two biggest things? Money and a potential Super Bowl. What’s more, they have a strong supporting cast and a positive environment," reported.

And last but not least, superstar wideout DeAndre Hopkins has reportedly been recruiting Watt to join the Arizona Cardinals, and while it may seem like a bit of a long shot, they go way back from their Texans days and are believed to have a close friendship.