Throughout the years, Julio Jones and Roddy White have been known for being dominant wide receivers and perhaps one of the best duos in Atlanta Falcons history. They were feared and respected around the NFL.

Nonetheless, it seems like their endeavors outside of the gridiron haven’t been as optimal as his play, as they’ve been hit with a lawsuit that cites that they made a profit out of an illegal cannabis sale.

A cannabis-related company called ‘Genetix’ filed a lawsuit against White and the Tennessee Titans’ latest acquisition for teaming up with John Van Beek to scam them while they were trying to enter the legal marijuana business in California.

Roddy White, Julio Jones Facing Lawsuit Over Black Market Cannabis Sales

“According to sources, “A cannabis business called ‘Genetix’ filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on July 21 that names Jones, White and White’s company ‘SLW Holdings, Inc.’ as one of the defendants.” Apparently, Genetix hired John Van Beek to overlook the “buildout and management of their facility,” reported Larry Brown Sports.

“Genetixs alleges that Jones and White, who were teammates on the Atlanta Falcons for five years, went behind the company’s back to work with the Van Beeks. The Van Beeks allegedly cultivated and grew cannabis for sale on the illegal black market, enriching themselves and Jones and White. The Van Beeks disconnected cameras in the facility, began squatting there, and prevented a new manager from entering the facility, according to the complaint. The suit says the Van Beeks have not reported sales to Genetixs since March. Genetixs estimate about $3 million in cannabis has been harvested and sold illegally per month since then,” reads the report.

At the moment, neither White nor Jones’ camps have made a statement regarding the situation. But it’ll be interesting to see whether the league takes some kind of action against one of its finest receivers.