Tom Brady is perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time. He dominated the NFL atop of the New England Patriots for almost two decades, leading the franchise to six Super Bowl wins during his tenure as the team's starting quarterback.

That's why it was so shocking to see that Tom was already burned out with the Patriots and wanted to leave, especially considering he joined a non-contending team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For most people, Brady was going to play with the Patriots until he decided to hang the cleats.

However, it seems like that decision didn't come as a surprise for the rest of the Patriots' locker room, as Greg Bedard recently revealed that most of his teammates actually wanted him to leave since 2018.

New England Patriots' Players Wanted Tom Brady To Leave

“And I will admit to you that from what I’ve heard since Tom Brady departed, the Patriots did need a vibe change in the locker room because a dour Brady, which start to crop up at the end of 2018, took its toll on the Patriots last season. It was so bad that some of his teammates have admittedly privately that it was better for all involved that Brady moved on if he was going to have the same attitude this season," Bedard reported.

The greatest competitors are often stubborn and harsh, especially towards their colleagues. Michael Jordan was like that, Kobe Bryant was like that, and it's not a surprise to see Tom Brady being on that list as well.

Now, he'll be extra motivated to prove that he's not just a system quarterback and that he was the main reason why the New England Patriots were able to dominate, not Bill Belichick. Hopefully, his new locker room at Tampa Bay will welcome him with open arms.